Premier Investigations
Dr Dan Smith
67356 Russell Rd
Boone, CO 81025
Ph. (717) 263-5435

Mr. Gale Pennington was worth every penny I paid him (and more).  He is a top rate
Private Investigator and his years of experience and FBI training make him invaluable
as a court witness.  He is good  and well credentialed.  I put my life in his hands and
he came through.  Call me, write me or e-mail me.  If I am not available my wife
(Shirley Russell) will respond for me.  He handled a felony case for me.  He records
everything and documents everything.  He knows his way around law enforcement
and legal paperwork.  I doubt a better PI is to be found in  SW Colorado.
Dr. Dan Smith
Mike McNeal
McNeal's Auto Center
20447 US Hwy 160
Durango Colorado 81301

For months I had trouble getting a subpoena served on an individual in
Durango. Upon contacting Premier Investigations, they served the
subpoena quickly and professionally. They know how to do their job, would
recommend them to anyone that needs assistance. Great Private
Thanks Gale